This month we travel to Hibbing for Let's Visit!  In this segment, Hannah Forti discusses the 105 year history of the family-owned and operated Sunrise Bakery, how the community has changed during her lifetime and what she loves about Hibbing. 

The Art of Being Bill

Nov 16, 2018
RacePoint Publishing

Today we talked with Ezra Croft - creator and curator of The Murray Affair, a traveling art show dedicated to featuring art depicting Bill Murray.  As the back of the book says, "There's Only One Bill.  But He's a Million Kinds of Awesome."   His new book is out - The Art of Being Bill - The Many Faces of Awesome

Do you have a favorite Bill Murray movie?  Let us know! 

Katie Carter

We talked with Aaron to get ready for the Saturday November 17th edition of the Great Northern Radio Show.  We are always excited for the show, but ESPECIALLY because we get to celebrate the 125th birthday of  the town of Hibbing AND 20 years of the Hibbing Foundation.  PLUS, the venue - the historic Hibbing High School auditorium is newly renovated!  We can't wait to try out those new buttery seats and see the grand chandeliers, all while b

Jack Klatt came by the studio today while in Grand Rapids for the CenterStage MN Concert. Listen to hear him talk about the different vibes of his upcoming album, Spider John Koerner putting money in his pocket, and one of his new favorite bands, Kacy & Clayton.

See him perform tonight at the Mary Ives Studio Theater at the Reif Center! 

Ogimaakwewiwin hosts We Speak for Ourselves: Gigaagiigidotamaadizomin tonight at 5pm at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji.  Native American women are often under-represented and mis-represented in the media. In this segment of Area Voices, Melissa Townsend, reporter and producer for Minnesota Native News and Simone Senogles from Ogimaakwewiwin discuss native women in the media and the importance of native women sharing their stories. 

Each day during our recent pledge drive we featured a "Poet Laureate of the Day."   In this segment of our Poet Laureate of the Day, Robert Jevne, host of "Wordish" shares his poems The Dossier of Robert Jevne, Vanity and Holdover. 

Phenology Report, November 13, 2018

Nov 14, 2018
Debbie Center via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page


Phenology is the biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  Every week, our resident Phenologist John Latimer gathers his phenological data and reports his findings in the Tuesday morning Phenology Report.  As always, we love to hear what our listeners are noticing out in nature.  Give us a call at 218.999.9876 and let us know what is happening around your place.  You can also send an email directly to John.  Either way, we want to hear from you!

Katie Carter


Every week we hear from regular listeners and school kids from across the listening area as they report what they've noticed outside during the past week.  This week, we heard from Prairie Creek School in Northfield, Augie in Shevlin, Ian in Minneapolis and a handful of grown-up listeners.  Tundra swans, owls seemingly hunting in a group, nearly a whole week of grey skies, a snake and temps in the single digits are all included in this week's reports! 

Youth Radio

Nov 13, 2018

Your Greatest Adventure Starts Here

Announcing KAXE Youth In Radio! The Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Foundation supports Youth In Radio and encourages youth ages 19 and younger to explore the art of radio broadcasting right here at Northern Community Radio.

Paddle Minnesota: Interview with Rob Kesselring

Nov 13, 2018

On this segment of Paddle Minnesota Jim Gallagher talks with author Rob Kesselring.  Rob's latest book is a biography of his friend and bush pilot Merlyn Carter.


NPR News

School shootings have taken a terrible human toll. They have also been a boon to the business of security technology.

Over the summer, Washington Post reporter John Woodrow Cox saw an array of items on display at an expo in Orlando, Fla. He and fellow reporter Steven Rich went on to investigate whether any of the technology being promoted and sold really helps save lives.

One minute, Seamus Hughes was reading the book Dragons Love Tacos to his son. A few minutes later, after putting him to bed, Hughes was back on his computer, stumbling on what could be one of the most closely guarded secrets within the U.S. government: that the Justice Department may be preparing criminal charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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On the morning of his 23rd birthday, Leonel Salas is just getting off the fireline after battling the Woolsey fire all night in Southern California.

"[We] can't get any rest while we're on the lines," he says.

He's exhausted after working for 24 hours, but relieved to be at the base camp in Camarillo where there are hot meals, sleeping pods and mobile showers.

Salas and his crew have been on the job for over a week now. When he got the call to head out to the fire he didn't even have the chance to say goodbye to his parents.

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Youth Radio

New Youth Radio Program

KAXE is proud to annouce it's Youth Radio Program.


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