Today on Making Sausage we talked with DFL commentator Colleen Nardone and Grand Village Executive Director Kyle Hedlund.  Colleen has a long history with how the legislative process works and talked about what budget targets the DFL was happy for, and what may have been better.  The session ended Monday night, but lots more work to be done in conference committee and a special session.

This Youth in Radio Podcast features Nate Bartholomew from Grand Rapids, an 18-year-old with a passion for the history of the Iron Range.

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“Haiku are kind of the most gem-like, jewel-like poem.  They are very short.  Unlike other poetry, they don’t use fancy words, metaphor, simile, rhyme.  The lines aren’t even capitalized…and they are usually three lines of something fewer than 17 syllables that compare one image with another or reveal an image and then change it so there is a surprise.” –Marsh Muirhead

Each week John and Heidi pull up a chair to one of our member’s kitchen tables and get to know them a little bit better. This week’s caller, Maureen Morrow of Grand Rapids made John's day by describing a breakfast of graham crackers and whole milk.

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John Bauer

Program 59  Late 1930s:  Moving Away From Newsprint Toward New Kinds of Paper

A radio series produced by historian Don Boese.   Don is the author of eight books dealing with local history in Itasca County, including "John C. Greenway and the Opening of the Western Mesabi", and the main source for this series,  "Papermakers: the Blandin Paper Company and Grand Rapids, Minnesota".