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When you tune into Northern Community Radio, you hear northern Minnesota - its people, communities, attitude. This would not happen without our solid volunteer base. Volunteers drive much of the programming for Northern Community Radio. With 17 volunteer-hosted programs every week, it takes a committed group of our members to create awesome programming.


The voices you hear on the air belong to real people, creating radio that is live, immediate and interactive.

If you are interested in playing some great music or asking challenging trivia questions, we hope you’ll join our team of volunteers who program music On The River and/or host the Green Cheese trivia show.
If you would rather be behind the scenes, we have lots of opportunities, from working in the music library to answering phones to reading the local newspaper for the blind.



Interested in volunteering?

Apply to be a volunteer by clicking on this Volunteer Application Form.
For more information about the different opportunities available, follow one of the links below to learn more about volunteer positions.


For more general information about volunteering, click here to read the Volunteer Handbook.