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Album of the Week: Inside Problems by Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird - Inside Problems

Andrew Bird is a musician's musician: a multi-instrumentalist, accomplished songwriter, constant collaborator, professional whistler (yes, that's a thing) and violin virtuoso. He plays a violin folk/rock style of music that so perfectly sounds like Andrew Bird, it's an instant recognition. In spite of that consistency, Bird plays around with all styles including jazz ensembles, swing music, indie rock and straight folk.

Inside Problems is Bird's 13th album and latest release. His last album, My Finest Work Yet, out in 2019, addressed social upheaval and political discord during the Trump years. This release deals more with matters of the heart and mind.

While a constant musical collaborator, Bird does not have a regular band he plays with; instead its a rotating cast of musicians who move in and out with each album. Including Minnesota's own Jeremy Yylvisaker!

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