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Album of the Week: Chiac Disco by Lisa LeBlanc

Lisa LeBlanc's Chiac Disco, out now

Lisa LeBlanc is a musician who is known for incorporating humor into her music, playing around a bit and having fun. Though I cannot understand the lyrics in this new album (all sung in Chiac French), it's evident that there is fun to be had. And I want in.

The the Quebec music scene is thriving, and seems to be covered on a fairly regular basis. LeBlanc is part of the Acadian music scene in Canada, just east of Quebec into the Maritime provinces Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. That scene has been growing over the past decade, and LeBlanc has been a steady force there.

Co-produced by LeBlanc, Chiac Disco is as the name says, part disco, part psychedelia, part 1960s, with a whole lot of energy interjected.

Check out our album of the week, Chiac Disco, by listening to KAXE.

The music director at KAXE since 2014, Kari (pronounced Car-ee) Hedlund reviews music on the daily. She also hosts New Music every Wednesday (2 and 10 p.m.) and Sunday (noon), along with the KAXE Morning Show on Thursdays.