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Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate. Tuesday mornings we hear from folks young and old as they share their observations of nature during our Phenology Talkback segment. Spring is such a magical time of year and this collection of reports documents all the progress beautifully!

Caterpillars Count! with Dr. Allen Hurlbert

23 hours ago

Caterpillars Count! is a citizen science project for measuring the seasonal variation and abundance of arthropods like caterpillars, beetles, and spiders.  University of North Carolina Biology Professor Dr. Allen Hurlbert joins John and Heidi on the Tuesday Morning Show to talk about his project.

Caterpillars Count! participants collect data by conducting surveys on trees and shrubs and recording all of the arthropods observed to find out how much food is available for birds.  The project approaches the question of bugs from a birds perspective.

On the Tuesday Morning Show John and Heidi welcome back Pam Perry, a retired non-game wildlife biologist for the Minnesota DNR.  They talk about the birds returning to the area.  John reports seeing an evening grosbeak and a rose-breasted grosbeak at his feeder at the same time.  Pam tells us she has spotted orioles and predicts this week could be the time for hummingbirds and other seasonal species to return with the warmer weather.

Minnesota Music Notes Featuring Ted Hajnasiewicz

May 10, 2021

This week on Minnesota Music Notes Brett Carter features Minneapolis-born singer/songwriter Ted Hajnasiewicz. According to his publicity, Hajnasiewicz is driven to write the perfect song. If doing the work is part of that, Hajnasiewicz is busily moving in that direction. Listen for catchy vocals, polished backing musicians, and a wide variety of messages in his lyrics. Just in the last year, Hajnasiewicz released a full-length album, nine singles, an EP and launched a YouTube show called The Just for Show Show.

Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo: Word of the Day "Dabaadendiziwin" – Humility

May 10, 2021

This week on Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo we hear the story of how Wolf "Ma'iingan" learns humility "dabaadendiziwin" by eating Mouse "Waawaabiganoojiinh".

More Nana Boozhoo on FaceBook.

Marshall Helmberger, Editor and publisher of the Timberjay newspaper, joins Heidi Holtan with news from northeastern Minnesota.  This week Marshall does a deeper dive into the analysis on the complex PolyMet decision with both sides claiming victory. 

Sports Page: NHL, Twins, Timberwolves, Lynx and Trivia

May 7, 2021

On Thursday morning’s Fred Freidman and Kyle Erickson join John and Heidi for the Sports Page.  This week they start out with news from the NHL, they talk about the Twins pitching and other stats, discuss  improvements by the Timberwolves and Heidi tell us the Minnesota Lynx season is starting soon.  The trivia theme this week is “ins and outs”.

Area Voices producer Katie Carter clues us in on exhibits and opportunities for artists in Bemidji, Park Rapids, Brainerd and Virginia in this segment!  

It's Mother's Day this Sunday... buy the mom in your life some locally crafted art! 

Planning for the Opener on Early Bird Fishing Guide

May 7, 2021

Jeff Sundin joins Heidi Holtan and John Bauer on the Thursday Morning Show for Early Bird Fishing Guide.  This week they talk about boat designs and what type of boats to use on bigger lakes.  Jeff says that with the lakes opening so early this year people should forget the traditional thinking for the opener and fish like you may have on Memorial Day in past years.  They talk about the minnow shortage last summer and Jeff predicts this year will be better with a wide variety of baits available.

Every First Friday we check in with the Ely Folk School to find out what they've got cooking for the month.  In May they've got a birding by ear class,  a jewelry making class, paiting, pie, cheese making, a celebratory spring bonfire and much more!  Click the link to hear Betty and Lucy break it all down! 


NPR News

The Biden administration is ramping up exceptions to a public health order that has largely shut the U.S.-Mexico border to migrant traffic since last year because of the pandemic.

More migrants are being granted humanitarian exceptions because they are considered the most vulnerable, including families with young children and transgender people who had been living in dangerous conditions in Mexican border towns.

An experimental device that turns thoughts into text has allowed a man who was left paralyzed by an accident to swiftly construct sentences on a computer screen.

The man was able to type with 95% accuracy just by imagining that he was handwriting letters on a sheet of paper, a team reported Wednesday in the journal Nature.

The record-breaking 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is still setting records. The National Hurricane Center this week released its Tropical Cyclone Report for Hurricane Zeta, which hit southeast Louisiana on Oct. 28. After analyzing data gathered as the storm made landfall, NOAA meteorologists have upgraded Zeta from a Category 2 to a "major" Category 3 hurricane.

The White House is easing some restrictions on the shipment of gasoline and other fuels by truck as a growing number of gas stations run out of fuel in the Southeast.

The shortage developed after a cyberattack led to the shutdown of a major U.S. fuel pipeline, sparking widespread panic-buying from drivers worried about potential supply disruptions.

According to data from the app GasBuddy, as of Wednesday morning, at least 15% of gas stations have no gasoline in Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina, with South Carolina not far behind.

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