Statewide Conversation with Lt Governor Peggy Flanagan

KAXE/KBXE's Heidi Holtan hosted a statewide conversation with Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan. It was an opportunity to ask questions about Minnesota’s response and plans concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on the states response to COVID-19 visit the Minnesota State's Website. Do you have questions facing you or your small business as a result of COVID-19, email KAXE/KBXE - Northern Community Radio.

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Brian Livermore

If you live in northern Minnesota, you know that April is generally way too early to get out in the garden. Nevertheless, Beltrami County Master Gardener Becky Livermore offers some things we can do right now – while sheltering in place - to get ready for the upcoming garden season.

Dam Tender Jeff Cook on the Tuesday Morning Show

Apr 8, 2020

Jeff Cook, Park Ranger with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, talks with John Latimer and Heidi Holtan on the Tuesday Morning Show.  Jeff talks about his job as dam tender running both the Pokegema Dam and the Winnibigoshish Lake Dam here in Northen Minnesota.  Jeff gives an update on how the spring melt is going for these areas.

John Latimer

Every week John takes an indepth look at the subtle changes happening outside as the seasons move thru their cycles.   This week he reports on the vast  changes happening outside!  Get out and enjoy it and then connect with us to let us know what you are noticing!  Call 218-999-9876 or email your observations!  We'd love to hear from you! 

John Latimer

Eagles, bears, butterflies, baby turtles, and crocus flowers... spring is happening!  These reports are full of hope that warmer days are ahead! 

Don't hesitate to send your observations in via email or phone call 218-999-9876. Don't forget to join our Season Watch Facebook page, too.  We think you'll find it's one of the best places on the web!

School Reports: 

Northern Sun Farms in Shevlin:


Kelliher School Report:

Northern Voices: Moccasins with Michelle

Apr 7, 2020

Join Leah Lemm for Northern Voices.   She talks with Duluth artist Michelle Defoe about what makes the tradition of moccasin-making full of lessons, culture, and heart.

Life as we know it has turned upside down. KAXE/KBXE is here for you, bringing you important information and local stories, as well as entertaining music and Green Cheese Trivia. This service is only possible because of your support. You can keep vital, trustworthy information flowing to our communities by making a donation at Thank you!

Andrew Kringen

Dawnette Davis is a retired teacher and Grand Rapids artist who makes hand-dyed silk garments and shawls. She sells her art at sales and shows around Minnesota. But Covid-19 has shut down many upcoming arts events. These days Dawnette is using some of her talent, some leftover cotton fabric, and her serging sewing machine to produce cloth facemasks. She talked with Heidi Holtan on the KAXE/KBXE Morning Show.

On the Morning Show we continue to bring you local voices and local stories related to COVID-19.  Today we talked with Dr. Dan Soular, Family Medicine Physician & Vice President of Medical Affairs and Dr. Stacy Holl, Internal Medicine Physician.  Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospitals.  Their website has clear information on the latest news concerning coronavirus and they are looking for donations.  Currently they accept:

Dig Deep with Chuck and Aaron on COVID-19

Apr 6, 2020
no worries. this conversation was recorded remotely, not in the same room :)

On our extended hour of the Thursday Morning Show, Heidi Holtan hosts a conversation on Dig Deep with our conservative commentator Chuck Marohn and liberal Aaron Brown. They talk about this time of pandemic and the state of the world.  Sign up for the Dig Deep podcast!

During today's extended hour of morning show programming poetry, art and nature were topics of consideration and conversation... here are poems by Marsh Muirhead and Carol Ann Russell as well as an Area Voices piece from the vault about poet Erin Marsh.  

Marsh Muirhead: 

Carol Ann Russell

Area Voices: Erin Marsh

On a recent Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo show, Natasha and Nana Boozhoo take some calls from Bob Dylan and Cookie Monster, and possibly a former president to learn nagamowin; bakwezhigaans; and gichi-mookomaan.

Hear the whole show by clicking below.

Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo is created by Michael Lyons and made possible on KAXE/KBXE by the MN Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Check them out on YouTube!


NPR News

Psychiatrist Philip Muskin is quarantined at home in New York City because he's been feeling a little under the weather and doesn't want to expose anyone to whatever he has. But he continues to see his patients the only way he can: over the phone.

How to describe President Trump's newest press secretary?

Kayleigh McEnany, just days shy of her 32nd birthday, already has acquired a bevy of classic establishment credentials. She holds degrees from Georgetown University's foreign service school and Harvard Law. She studied at Oxford. She served as a top spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee — which is to say the GOP — and for the president's re-election campaign.

Paris baker Tony Doré pulls a rack of toasted, golden baguettes from the oven. He says he's baking them all day long to keep his customers supplied.

"Every day, so many people thank me for staying open," he says. "If the bakeries started closing, people would be unnerved. In France, we eat bread at every meal. It's a tradition. We cannot go without good bread."

Updated at 11:07 a.m. ET

The Federal Reserve announced several new lending programs Thursday, designed to pump an additional $2.3 trillion into a U.S. economy that has been severely battered by the coronavirus pandemic.

"People have been asked to put their lives and livelihoods on hold, at significant economic and personal cost," Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said during a webcast organized by the Brookings Institution. "As a society, we should do everything we can to provide relief to those who are suffering for the public good."

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