Katie Carter

Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate.    Each week, our resident phenologist John Latimer closely assesses the subtle and not so subtle phenological changes happening in nature and compares them to his meticulous, decades of data.  On Tuesdays during the Phenology Show, we hear his findings in the official Phenology Report. This week John reports bloom progress on a wide array of flowering plants, trees and shrubs... The data proves it.... we are running ahead of schedule this year!  

Katie Carter

Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate. Tuesday mornings during our Phenology Talkback we share phenology reports and questions from listeners and area students. We heard from six classrooms this week and the kids reported spring action everywhere!

Sofia and Hawley in Cohasset report longer days and warmer weather...

  Harvey in Hill City reports flickers and loons...

  Maizee and Macie in Pike Lake note raindrops on branches and frogs calling...

Mark Morrissey, BSU assistant director of campus recreation Outdoor Program Center, joins John and Heidi on the Tuesday Morning show.  Now is the time of year people are excited to get out on the areas lakes, rivers and streams.  Mark talks about the cold-water danger people should be taking into account.  He stresses the importance of having a plan for your water activities and wearing your PFD.  Accidents can happen and a person can easily end up overboard.

DNR Bear Project Leader Andy Tri on the Tuesday Morning Show: Bears!

Apr 13, 2021

Andy Tri is the acting bear project leader in the forest wildlife and populations research group with the MN DNR.  He joins John and Heidi on the Tuesday Morning Show to share the wealth of knowledge he has accumulated through his research on bears.  Andy explains how a bear’s body goes through hibernation, keeping them awake and alert but with little movement.  We learn what they eat in the early spring and why they seek out bird feeders and food from our backyards. Andy says there are now more black bears in North America than there are all other bear species combined in the world.

Energy is a trillion dollar industry. Gaming is a billion dollar industry...Distributed, renewable-energy micro-grids are the future. - Bob Blake


Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo: Words for Today are Wanendam and Mikwendam

Apr 12, 2021

Today on Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo we learn the Ojibwe words for forgot "wanendam" and remember "mikwendam".  Natash and Nana Boozhoo remember some things from the 1980's that they would rather forget.

Minnesota Music Notes Featuring John Magnuson

Apr 12, 2021

This week on Minnesota Music notes Brett Carter features Minnesota singer songwriter John Magnuson.  John Magnuson released Barely Noticeable, a 13 song album in November of 2020.  As part of his musical journey, Magnuson played guitar with Twin Cities band The Carpetbaggers when they toured with Son Volt and shared stage with bands like Los Lobos, Alison Krauss and the Gear Daddies.

Each week John and Heidi pull up a chair to one of our member’s kitchen tables and get to know them a little bit better. This week’s caller, Sandy of McGregor served up leftover pork cutlets and coffee.

Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

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This week celebrated ONE year since we've hosted the Statewide Conversations on MN's COVID-19 response with MN Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan.  She made a committment to join us each week, or find a state official each week so that citizens in Minnesota had a chance to ask question. 

This week our conversation included outbreaks in the state, vaccine availability and listener questions about mask mandates, employers and mental health. 

Border News: Campaign to Save the BW Plan, COVID Cases & Broadband

Apr 9, 2021

Marshall Helmberger, Editor and publisher of the Timberjay newspaper, joins Heidi Holtan with news from northeastern Minnesota.  This week he reports that the COVID cases in Ely have come down after the recent spike in the area.


NPR News

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday it will not pursue charges against the U.S. Capitol Police officer who fatally shot a protester inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6. Officials determined there wasn't enough evidence to support a criminal prosecution.

Filmmaker Jasmila Zbanic was a 17-year-old student living in Sarajevo with her family when the Bosnian war began in April 1992. As clashes over Bosnia's referendum for independence first started, she says nobody imagined there could ever be a full war. "It started like [the] riots on Congress in January in [the] U.S. ... I was happy when this happened because I thought what a cool thing not to go to school and have [the] whole city stop," she says.

An expert advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided Wednesday it needed more time to consider whether to recommend to resume administering the COVID-19 vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson.

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