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Album of the Week: Brady Street by Dead Horses

Brady Street is in Milwaukee, home to bars, churches, histories and stories, people of all kinds and as Sarah Vos puts it (in a conversation with No Depression) 'a place for misfits'. The kind of people Dead Horses feels a strong bond with.

Along with Dan Wolff, Vos is one half of Dead Horses, a band based in Milwaukee out with their fourth full length album named and mused after Brady Street. The duo has recently added drummer Jamie Gallagher to the mix, but in doing so have kept the same intention and sound behind their music. This is the band's second release where they have self-produced.

Their music is often tied closely with nature. This album instead explores an intimacy with city life; taking walks through the city past old churches and bars with rich histories and stranger's stories.

The music director at KAXE since 2014, Kari (pronounced Car-ee) Hedlund reviews music on the daily. She also hosts New Music every Wednesday (2 and 10 p.m.) and Sunday (noon), along with the KAXE Morning Show on Thursdays.