Marshall Helmberger

This week Marshall Helmberger talked with Scott Hall about updates on the Twin Metals project - the proposed copper nickel mine near the Boundary Waters.

Marshall Helmberger

This week Marshall from the Timberjay newspaper has a lot to report - on a recent Court of Appeals overturning of a water permit for Minntac that was a win for both sides - US Steel as well as environmental groups.  He also tells us the reason behind an interim rate hike for MN Power customers and a dip into the effect of wind turbines on bird deaths.

Marshall from the Timberjay newspaper fills us in this Friday on a big turnout in Orr about community concerns over a recent crime spree in the region.  Orr and St. Louis County residents are organizing and communicating with St. Louis County police about how to make their area safer.  We also hear of a proposal to merge the 5 community colleges in northern Minnesota and (of course) deer hunting opener!

This week Towergate is in the news again.  Marshall fills us in on a shutdown in the city government due to the former Tower city clerk/treasurer changing the passwords from home.  We also hear about the Ely Chamber of Commerce taking over the Wolf Track Classic Sled Dog Race in February and updates on the proposal to introduce elk into NE MN. 

The Timberjay,15576

This week Timberjay editor Marshall Helmberger told us about finding an old iron ore mine on an island on Lake Vermilon, catching a record musky on Vermilion, and the ruffed grouse season. 

This week Timberjay publisher Marshall Helmberger tells us about the former mayor of Tower, MN Josh Carlson plead guilty to engaging in official misconduct when he removed Timberjay publisher Marshall Helmberger from his position as president of the Tower Economic Development Authority in January 2018.  But, in that court testimony he falsely accused Helmberger of not apprising the city government of grants for

Marshall touches on some of the big regional stories this week - including proposed copper nickel mining near Hoyt Lakes, a study on forest disturbance in northern MN and the Ely Marathon.

This week Scott Hall talked with Marshall Helmberger - publisher and editor of the Timberjay Newspaper about the latest concerning Frontier Communications and the Commerce Department agreement, the latest on the new facility for Lamppa Manufacturing and more news from NE MN. 

Brian Peterson - Star Tribune

Marshall Helmberger is a regular staple of the Friday Morning Show - reporting on news from NE MN that he covers in The Timberjay.  For quite some time Marshall has been the watchdog and "muckracking journalist" reporting on questionable practices in Tower, MN city government.  He was recently featured in the Star Tribune.

This week Marshall reports on Tower City Finance issues that are continuing to be unearthed since the suspension of the Tower City Clerk/Treasurer.  This time the LCCMR grant Tower received is in jeopardy.  We'll also hear about Lamppa Manufacturing and their new facility that could mean much economic growth to the region - it's back on track finally after contracts have been signed.  Somewhat good news for Zup's Groceries which burned down last year in Cook, MN will have a temporary store opened soon.