Heidi Holtan

News and Public Affairs Director

Heidi Holtan is News and Public Affairs Director for Northern Community Radio. She is on-air host and executive producer for the Morning Show and is also responsible for our local presence on All Things Considered and As It Happens. She produces thoughtful segments like Dig Deep and Strong Women.

On the job, Heidi is smart and creative. She’s an innovator and collaborator who works closely with news hosts and producers to help them achieve the best on-air sound possible.

In her personal life Heidi is a Minnesota Lynx fan, a Blandin Leadership grad, a self-professed bookaholic, a lover of cooking shows, and a former member of the Iron Range Maidens roller derby team. Heidi grew up on a resort near Brainerd, and used to “play radio” when she was a kid. She presently lives on a lake in Grand Rapids with her husband Tom and cat-dog Aiko.

Ways to Connect

We lost a great friend this week.  Our Talk on the Wildside host - retired Forest Ecology instructor from Itasca Community College - Harry Hutchins.  Tune in on Monday March 15th for Mixtape with Heidi Holtan at 2 and 10pm.  You'll hear music Harry loved and music that connects us to nature, put together by the listeners of KAXE/KBXE. 


It's been 25 years since the movie Fargo was released.  Todd Melby joined us today to talk about his new book "A Lot Can Happen In The Middle of Nowhere - The Untold Story of the Making of Fargo".  Published by the MN Historical Society Press. 

It's your opportunity to ask questions about Minnesota’s response and plans during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Hosted by News and Public Affairs Director Heidi Holtan.

This week we heard about the COVID-19 we heard more about the new rollback of restrictions in the state of Minnesota, progress in vaccinations and more!

If you didn’t get a chance to send or call in your question this week email covid@ampers.org or call 612-562-9895.

David Manuel

We're looking at what they call the market garden concept when we transition into spring and we start seeding our trees and prepare for the garden season and we have a farmer's market up there.We have it for three years, maybe four. And that has been building every year, every year we've had more and more customers. We were out there last year wearing masks. Because that's how important our mission is. It’s about growing local healthy food for our tribal members. Bottom line. - David Manuel


I was fortunate to be in Mankato state...and I was taking ceramics and asked if I would like to sign up for glassblowing. I had no idea what the guy was talking about... I signed up, I went to the first class...blew a piece of glass, and I was blown away. And I decided that from then on, I was going to pursue that one way or another for the rest of my life. - Steven Weagel

On this week's Statewide Conversation with Minnesota’s state officials on COVID-19, Heidi Holtan welcomed MDH Director of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control Division – Kris Ehresmann. 

Every week this is an opportunity to ask questions about Minnesota’s response and plans during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  This week, update on vaccine distribution, comments on southern states opening up and more!  Since up for the vaccine connector through the state of Minnsota. 

Today we talked with the Auditor of MN and found out what her job entails, more about the forecasted state budget and about asset forfeiture reform

Description of the Office of the State Auditor



Minnesota’s education gaps are widening. The gaps have persisted for decades despite the policies from the last two decades that were designed to close them.  Do all Minnesota children have a right to a quality education?  Justice Page and Nevada Littlewolf think so. 

Our Children MN

Following Justice Page’s partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Our Children started hearing from Minnesota parents, students and student

The AP reported this week, "Senator seeks probe of natural gas price spikes during storm".  They were talking about MN Senator Tina Smith. 

Today we talked more about the price gouging of utilities - natural gas - after the extreme weather in Texas and what MN Attorney General Keith Ellison's office is doing to combat this....as well as student loan debt and eviction moratoriums. 

From the Attorney General's website:

Attorney General Ellison calls for cancellation of federal student-loan debt

Joins multistate coalition in support of congressional resolutions calling for the cancellation of up to $50K in debt per student borrower