Each week we talk with Marshall Helmberger, Editor of the Timberjay Newspaper in Tower, MN.  This week:


Today Timberjay editor and publisher Marshall Helmberger told us about the request by U.S.

This week on the Border News Roundup editor Marshall Helmberger fills us in on:

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Each week we talk with the publisher and editor of The Timberjay newspaper Marshall Helmberger.  This week a report on a local meeting of the MPCA regarding the MinnTac tailings pond, KKK flyers that were left across the northland on MLK Jr. day and where exactly the icebox of the nation.  (pssst it's not in Colorado)

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Each week we talk with Timberjay editor Marshall Helmberger.  Tune in to this week's conversation!  Also read up on the Christmas bird count in Isabella