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Bemidji Community Theater Brings Boeing Boeing to the Stage!


Bemidji Community Theater brings its second run of performances of the farce Boeing Boeing to the Chief Theater this weekend.  We spoke with Derrick Houle and Julie Kaiser on the morning show about it. 

...the play is about a bachelor who lives in Paris. He's from the U.S. and he has embraced the 60s movement in full swing by being engaged to three women... All at the same time. And he has made it so that they never meet and that he can carry on what he believes is this ideal lifestyle. And so he has a maid that helps him keep things straight.And Boeing comes up with a faster jet and that throws off time. And all three stewardesses arrive at his apartment on the same day. And then he has a friend that visits him one time, one day from Wisconsin. And so he enlists then his friend into trying to keep the turbulence from happening.  - Derrick Houle, director and actor

A comedic farce, Boeing Boeing promises laughs and a lot of action. 

 a farce is a different kind of comedy. It falls under the genre of comedy. But a farce is, I would say, real simple, unrealistic situation...And most farces, at least what I know. Have a lot of entrances and exits. ..And so when it comes to all comedy, but especially a farce. Timing is everything. - Derrick Houle

 ...the three air hostesses are never onstage at the same time. Two at one point, but that's only after the ruse starts to chip away a little bit. There's a lot of elements to fasten. One of the main elements is that you have many doors on stage. So at least three. And we have seven. We have seven, seven exits. And so what happens is that there's a lot of, you know, entrance and exits. You know, at just missing one another, you know, there's just shwhoo! That was quick. They missed this person. So that's a lot of what makes it makes the farce work is the timing of those things. So therefore, the air hostesses, although they're in me apartment at the same time, you never they never see each other. - Julie Kaiser, actor

The second weekend of performances include this Friday and Saturday evening at 7:00pm and Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm.  Tickets are available at Iverson Corner Drug and Ken K. Thompson in Bemidji as well as at the box office prior to the show.  

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