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Area Voices: Winona LaDuke Honors the Earth

Water is Life artwork by Christi Belcourt

The Anishinaabe have always said that there's a choice between two paths. One is well-worn but scorched and the other is not well-worn and it's green. We're always told to be arduous in our choice upon which path to walk...I feel like at this moment in time, that's where we are. And this pipeline is really about that moment of what we want to do - for the water and for the future. So this story and this film...is up to date, showing the commitment of people on the frontlines and the brutality that Enbridge has resorted to to put in a pipeline. A Canadian corporation coming in here, demanding a lot, and increasingly militarizing northern Minnesota. So this is a little bit of that story. - Winona LaDuke

The Rail River Folk School in Bemidji will host the world premiere of the film LN3: Seven Teachings of the Anishinaabe in Resistance this Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm.  In addition to the film, Red Lake rapper Thomas X will perform as will singer Brendan Strong - both artists are featured in the film.  Honor the Earth co-founder Winona LaDuke will also be in attendance for discussions and conversations about moving toward a future that is less dependent on fossil fuels.  

In this Area Voices segment, Winona discusses the film, her perspectives on the oil industry, her passion for honoring the earth and protecting water, her own dependency on fossil fuels and options for a greener, more environmentally resilient future.