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Album of the Week: NOT TiGHT by DOMi & JD BECK


Late night scrolling on your phone usually results in, well, not great things. Poor sleep, anxiety, depression, the works. I had an opposite experience last night when I came upon the NPR Tiny Desk Concert with DOMi & JD BECK (stylized as such). Unable to tear myself away to go to bed, my mind was blown. These two are young, really young. DOMi is the elder at 22 and Beck is a mere 19 years old.

DOMi and JD BECK are the internet's most buzzed about up and coming jazz artists today. Gaining a following on their respective Instagram pages, the two found a big fan in Anderson .Paak. DOMi is a French keyboard prodigy (WATCH THE VIDEO) and Beck is an equally prodigous drummer from Dallas. The two met through fellow jazz artist and Snarky Puppy drummer, Robert Sput Searight. Outside of the music they create, it is amazing to see the two communicate with each other with slight looks or movements.

Out with their debut album, NOT TiGHT, it is being released collaboratively between .Paak's label APESHIT and famed jazz label, Blue Note Records. It sounds funky, jazzy, and at times frenetic but always controlled. Listening to DOMi and JD BECK feels like listening to the future. And what an exciting future for the jazz world!

Kari (CAR-ee) is originally from South Dakota … a state often referred to as the land of infinite variety. As Music Director at Northern Community Radio, Kari has taken that theme to heart with her ability to feed a community of listeners hungry for an infinite variety of music and ideas. Along with her trademark lipstick and husky voice … Kari also raises a family … and Baguettes when time permits