Headwaters School of Music and Art

Carrie Dlutkowski is passionate about fiddle music - particularly the Scottich, French-Canadian and Metis styles which date back to the 17th and 18th centuries.  Dlutowski is spending time at area schools this week sharing her talents of fiddling as well as step dancing.  This Friday and Saturday she will conduct fiddle and step dancing workshops at Headwaters School of Music and Arts that focus on the Scottish, French and Metis traditions.  She'll lead a step dancing workshop Sunday afternoon.  Saturday evening, Carrie will be

Evelyn Cordts

Area Voices producer Katie Carter checked in on today's morning show with a whole slew of arts happenings in Bemidji and Cook.   Events included an open mic night at Headwaters School of Music and Art, an art market at the Northwest Indian Community Development Center, arts classes at the Watermark Art Center and a pincushion making class in Cook.  Listen to the link for the full report.  For a listing of the Bemidji rel

Headwaters School of Music and Arts in Bemidji mixed art with science recently and the result was a whole lot of blended goodness.  The topic was dragonflies.