Ely MN

Grant Frashier

The Underground Optimist promotes entrepeneurs, the arts and creating community in Ely, MN.  Host Grant Frashier talks with Kara Polyner about who and what the Optimists are.

Grant Frashier

A visit to the Dorothy Molter Museum in Ely provides a glimps into the life of this Minnesota icon Grant Frashier talks with Jess Edberg, Executive Director.

John Latimer via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page


Every Tuesday we hear from students and listeners as they send in their weekly Phenology observations.  This week, observations include rising temperatures, lots of snow to shovel, wolves and pussy willows popping!  

Grant Frashier

Close to Home visited the Ely Winter Festival to talk with some of the snow carvers on a frigid day.


Molly Olson from the Ely Folk School told us about some fantastic opportunities happening this month at the school and she also told us about the Winter Festival that runs from now thru February 11th in Ely.  Slovenian Ravioli, egg writing, rug knotting, beginner carpentry and even a class on tracking animals in the snow are just a few of the options the Ely Folk School has put together this month.  Check out their website for a full calendar.