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Dig Deep pt. 3: Listening and Talking to Each Other with Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn


We continue the conversation on Dig Deep with liberal Aaron Brown and conservative Chuck Marohn.  This time, the state of Minnesota when it comes to race, politics and the pandemic. 

In part 3 of this Dig Deep conversation - we hear more of how Chuck works to actively listen to those who don't share his point of view.  Listen to the 1st part of the conversation here. and the 2nd here

Dig Deep is a podcast and radio feature that aims to model some good behavior in our world.  It features liberal Aaron Brown - an author, blogger, newspaper columnist, podcaster and instructor at Hibbing Community College from Balsam Township.  And Chuck Marohn - CEO and founder of Strong Towns - also an author, podcaster and blogger from Brainerd.

Dig Deep is made possible in part by the MN Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the Citizens of Minnesota. You can help us keep this funding by taking the yearly survey here!