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June 11th-16th: Leftover Feelings by John Hiatt & The Jerry Douglas Band

Available now, Leftover Feelings from John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band

When John Hiatt started his songwriting career, he had little to his name and paid $15 a week for a room in Nashville. Fifty years later a lot has changed, you're lucky even find an overpriced place to live in Nashville and Hiatt is regarded as a master of song.

Recorded in the midst of a pandemic, Hiatt recruited legendary musician and Grammy winner, Jerry Douglas and his band to play with him on his 22nd album. Leftover Feelings touches on the topic of, well, leftover feelings. Throughout our lifetimes, we all gather up those leftover feelings and whether or not we process those can determine our resilience. 

Take a listen to our album of the week and let that thought of Leftover Feelings reside in your body. 

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