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Album of the Week: Daddy's Home by St. Vincent


Never one to make the same kind of album twice, St. Vincent used downtown New York from 1971-1976 as her muse. A bit specific? Yes. Absolutely. As is the way of Annie Clark (AKA St. Vincent).

Prior to Daddy's Home, our album of the week, Clark was never one for much of a personal reveal in her music; typically she tells stories through characters. This album touches on  personal tales, telling the story of her fathers recent release from prison, and her own fear of parenthood. Before this was released, she had never been public about her father's incarceration (for 'white collar nonsense' says Clark). And while the title of the album certainly references her father's release back to society and the family, it also relates to how she fills what is typically the 'daddy' role of her family in providing for them, leading them, etc. 

Along with the personal, the era of music that influenced this album is right there for you to touch. Obvious and in your face, little funky and still 100% St. Vincent. 

Kari (CAR-ee) is originally from South Dakota … a state often referred to as the land of infinite variety. As Music Director at Northern Community Radio, Kari has taken that theme to heart with her ability to feed a community of listeners hungry for an infinite variety of music and ideas. Along with her trademark lipstick and husky voice … Kari also raises a family … and Baguettes when time permits