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CIM's Eigse featuring Bemidji Musicians and Great Craic!


It's really a different kind of music...you learn Irish music all by ear. All the music is just in the musicians’ memories...And I loved that about it...I also love the rhythm and the drive to it... and it’s so joyful...I'm really attracted to that drive and groove and rhythm… - Norah Rendell


Norah Rendell is the Artistic Director for the Center for Irish Music(CIM) in St. Paul, MN.  Saturday, February 20th at 7pm the CIM will host their annual Eigse - it’s an event celebrating traditional Irish music, arts, and culture.  This year, the “Gaela” is happening virtually, so anyone with access to the internet can attend.  With an online Celtic art auction and stellar performances by instructors including Norah, her husband Brian Miller and Cory Froehlich (both of Bemidji), and many others. Everyone is encouraged to join in this unique and festive celebration by visiting Center for Irish Music’s website, YouTube channel, or Facebook page.  

It's going to be a mix of performances, virtual performances. Some of them will be live from the Celtic Junction Arts Center... musicians, including Brian and Danny Diamond, who's a fantastic fiddle player who's just moved here from Ireland, There's going to be some dancing. The whole thing is emceed by a friend of ours named Mairtin de Cogain who is a great bodran player and just a great entertainer who lives in California. He’s going to be hosting from his house in California, along with Brian and I at the Celtic Junction. 

So what we're trying to do is get people to... make some some Irish stew or  make themselves Irish coffee or hot toddy and sit down with their computers and enjoy a night of traditional Irish music - Norah Rendell

Norah joined the morning show to talk about the event, her love of Irish music, how Covid has changed things for the better at the Center for Irish Music, and much more.