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AV: Photographer Joe Rossi

Joe Rossi via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page
Moon, December 30th

You get to be where everything is happening, the sorts of experiences that you would get that... a member of the public would never...-Joe Rossi on perks of photojournalism


Joe Rossi’s career as a photojournalist led him to fascinating places close to home in Minnesota and across the globe.  Ten years ago he published Minnesota's Hidden Alphabet with author David LaRochelle. The book combines LaRochelle’s inspiring, educational  text alongside Rossi’s fascinating images that encourage the reader to see differently - think of a T in the wing patterns of an orange barred carpet moth or a B in the pattern of a turtle shell. The harmonious combination motivates kids and adults to look a bit more closely and creatively at the natural world around them.In this Area Voices segment, Joe discusses his journey as a photojournalist, Minnesota’s Hidden Alphabet, and coming full circle, retiring up north on property he cherished as a kid. 

50 years ago this summer, I took some of my first pictures in that bog. So it's like it's this whole circle thing. And I think the reason why I still do photography is if I take a picture or a set of pictures that I really like, it brings me joy.... it's sort of a deep down joy...  - Joe Rossi