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AV: Dr. Gabriel Warrren on MLK, Jr. & Finding a Way to Live Life to the Fullest

Dr. Gabriel Warren

Dr. Martin Luther King...provided so much hope and inspiration for all of humanity. And for me, when I think about the impact he had on my life, I think about him being an advocate for people that he never even got an opportunity to meet and how he still had the courage to be able to build community and build relationships...not just about his own race...I feel like Dr. Martin Luther King's life provided me with the roadmap on how I could strive to do some of the same things that he did and try to be that community builder, not focusing so much on the negative things about our society, but looking at the positive and figuring out how I could do my part to emulate some of that. - Dr. Gabriel Warren



Dr. Gabriel Warren is an Assistant Professor in Bemidji State University’s School of Business. He’s also an inspirational speaker and life coach who has spearheaded a campaign called Find A Way inspiring people to overcome adversity. He's also recently re-launched his book No Regrets: Living Your Life to the Fullest in addition to his 2017 book Push for hte Journey-40 Days to Building Your Momentum.  Dr. Warren spoke on the morning show sharing his perspective on being black in America, the positive impact Martin Luther King, Jr. has had on him, the importance of diversity in leadership, his Find A Way campaign, and much more.'s important to have representation at any table where discussions and conversations are happening about policies and proposals and debates about things that are going to impact a group of people.... I think it's important when we are trying to think about governing and leadership that we not only look at it from just one particular lens, but find ways, even if it's not somebody who's currently on a board - but having friends and relationships that we can balance our discussions off of that don't think and look and act like us all the time...I think that's really important. - Dr. Gabriel Warren


With his Find A Way movement, Dr. Warren inspires people of all backgrounds to overcome adversity through community and story sharing.  


I believe that as we share our stories, individuals will be able to see hope from other individuals who've been through it…  [Martin Luther King, Jr.’s] speech he said, “I have a dream that one day I will live in a nation where people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character,” and I think that just sums up the influence he's had on my life because I try to live that that quote out.... - Dr. Gabriel Warren


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