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Area Voices: New Year, New Habits - Author Jen Sincero


Jen Sincero is a badass.  She was always cool – she once played in a punk band called Crotch and worked at a record company – but she became a true badass when she took control of her financial struggles and created the life she truly wanted for herself.  Since then, she’s authored several badass books: You are a Badass, You are a Badass Every Day, You are a Badass at Making Money, and her latest book Badass Habits.  In this Area Voices segment, Sincero talks with host Katie Carter about her shift from punk band member to life coach, inspirational speaker, and now best-selling author. She also shares solid advice from Badass Habits, a collection of wisdom and a step-by-step guide for readers committed to ditching habits that don’t serve them and developing the habits necessary for the life they want to live. 

What habits do you want in your life? What habits do you want to get rid of?