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Ordinary People Change the World: Brad Meltzer's New Books on Anne Frank & Benjamin Franklin


The world seems pretty dark right now.  Pandemic.  Elections.  Social Media and politics dividing communities and families.

It's at times like these where we need to look to the helpers.  Look to the heroes in our past and in our midst right now. 

Brad Meltzer and Christpher Eliopolous have created a series of books (and a PBS series too!) for kids or for anyone who wants to find some optimism in the world. 


His latest are I Am Anne Frank and I Am Benjamin Franklin.  I worried that the Anne Frank story would be too much for me right now. How dismissive of me - it turned out to be exactly the story I needed to read.  Of hope when things are hopeless.  Of helpers who show up when you need it.  And of telling your story and using creativity to get you through the most harrowing times.  Harrowing times I have not had to endure.

For I Am Benjamin Franklin I thought I knew plenty about him and wouldn't have that much more to learn.  Wrong!  I had no idea his committment to a free press.  His constant work on himself and the ideals he worked to live by every day.  And the post office.  And electricity.