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Let's Visit: Youth Action, A conversation with BHS's Alya Nimis-Ibrahim


I just really believe that it's kind of our responsibilities as citizens to make sure that we we do everything we can to make our voices heard. Because, you know, that's how we we keep democracy working, is  sure we're holding people accountable  and making sure that that they're... doing the things that will benefit us as a whole. And so I think that's really important.  - Alya Nimis Ibrahim, BHS Sophomore

When Bemidji High School students learned of a potential change in the upcoming school schedule, many were dubious.  Alya Nimis-Ibrahim consulted with other students and created a Change.org petition regarding the issue.  In only two days her petition garnered over 2,000 signatures.  We visited with Alya on the morning show about the potential schedule change,  her work with the MN Youth Council, how the pandemic has changed school activities, and much more.  

The Bemidji School Board will meet tonight to discuss the potential change.  No vote will happen at tonight's meeting.