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Let's Visit Turtle River!

...besides the lakes and the woods and everything else, a big part of Turtle River is the people who live there...all the...artisan-type people that live in Turtle River... per capita, I think we're pretty high on talented people  - Mark Schultz's just a different kind of lifestyle. And I think that for creative people, it really helps to have that that sense of calm... and separation - a place of your own. - Jeremiah Liend

...I got married and my wife and I lived in other parts of the state. Worked our way back... that's been just about 40 years ago. I built this house on the land... I was born and raised here, and I liked it! - LeRoy Souder 

I personally never questioned where I wanted to live.  I wanted to live in Turtle River specifically...Anna Carlson

Let's Visit Turtle River, part 2

Turtle River, MN is tiny in population, but huge in spirit. It is creative. It's warm. It's an innovative community with a back to the basics mentality. During this episode of Let's Visit, learn about Turtle River through the eyes of a handful of its colorful inhabitants, and learn about some of it's inhabitants - anentrepreneurand inventor, a playwright, a snow specialist, a restaurateur, an environmentalist and an art teacher.   You'll  meet people brand new to Turtle River andpeople who have had family in the area for generations. Come on along, let's visit Turtle River


Mark Schultz moved back to Turtle River after falling in love with the area during college.  Continually on a mission to figure out how to do things more efficiently, his Backwood Basics company makes self watering plant containers, micro-greens growing systems and much more.  In this segment, discover more about Mark, his business and what he values in Turtle River.

Mark Schultz

Ruth Baker and Jeremiah Liend just recently moved to Turtle River.  Ruth is a professor whose passion is snowfall.  Jeremiah is a playwright.  In this segment, learn more about them and why they chose Turtle River when returning to the Bemidji Area.

Ruth Baker and Jeremiah Liend

LeRoy Souder grew up in Turtle River back in the day when a train carried folks back and forth to Bemidji.  In this segment, go back in time with LeRoy as he reminisces about the old days of barn dances and storing ice beneath the ground! 

LeRoy Souder

Anna Carlson always knew she would return to Turtle River.  Her family history runs deep in the area with her great-grandparents emigrating and homesteading on the shores of Lake Beltrami.  She and her husband Joe recently returned to Anna's old stomping grounds.  Click on the link to learn more about their reverence for the area and get and education on a little known thing called "the mud-mobile"...

Anna Carlson and Joe Furuseth

Katie Carter started at Northern Community Radio in 2008 as Managing Editor of the station's grant-funded, online news experiment Northern Community Internet. She returned for a second stint in 2016-23. She produced Area Voices showcasing the arts, culture, and history stories of northern Minnesota.