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Bemidji's April Aylesworth Wins Minnesota Sings!


I really liked singing more than guitar but it was a great way to accompany myself.  It allowed me to sing... so that was really drew me to the guitar. 

After setting her guitar aside for several years, April Aylesworth picked it up three years ago.  The decision opened up creative channels and opportunities.  Shortly thereafter, April sang on Don Ziemans Minstrels of the North Woods album and she now performs regularly at open mic nights and at outdoor venues like  Farm by the Lake in Bagley  and a recent outdoor celebration at Harmony Food Co-op in Bemidji. 

This August, Aylesworth placed second in the Bemdiji Sings! competition.  Her ranking in the 26 years and older category advanced her to the state Minnesoat Sings! competition in Woordbury, MN. There, she competed against nearly thirty other Minnesotans who placed either first or second in their local contests.   Ultimately, she won the Minnesota Sings! garnering cash prizes for herself, her sponsor agency, Headwaters School of Music and Arts and her charity of choice, Support Within Reach. She also won a five hour recording session at The Garage in Burnsville where she will be provided back up musicians and a producer. 

In this segment of Area Voices, April shares her journey as a musician as well as her original song True that she might soon record at The Garage

I remember the first time I got to be in a recording studio.  I was actually in elementary school and we were on a trip out to New York and at Macy's or something they had one of these little recording studios that they were trying to sell the experience...you were in a little studio and you had the headphones on and you had the microphone. And I just thought that was the greatest thing ever. It was so much fun.