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Album of the Week: Sentimental Fool by Lee Fields

Sentimental Fool by Lee Fields

As a teenager, Lee Fields was taken by James Brown after seeing him perform this magical blend of church gospel with secular soul. Deciding at age 17 to pursue a life in music, Fields did what many teens do with their idols...emulate and imitate. So much so, he was dubbed Little JB, for Little James Brown. He quickly realized he needed his own voice, his own style. Over the next decades, he worked in music, took a hiatus dabbling in other careers before coming back to the industry he started in.

Now known as one of the premier soul singers, Fields is out with a new album, Sentimental Fool, out on Daptone Records. The album has Fields voice on full display. The music isn't stripped down, but understated. A well constructed soul album from start to finish.

Kari (CAR-ee) is originally from South Dakota … a state often referred to as the land of infinite variety. As Music Director at Northern Community Radio, Kari has taken that theme to heart with her ability to feed a community of listeners hungry for an infinite variety of music and ideas. Along with her trademark lipstick and husky voice … Kari also raises a family … and Baguettes when time permits