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Album of the Week: Loose Future by Courtney Marie Andrews

Loose Future by Courtney Marie Andrews

First off, take a look at one of the best album covers of 2022 (above)! Not only did Courtney Marie Andrews write all of the songs and co-produce (with Sam Evian) the new record, she also created that piece of magnificent art.

Though not a household name (yet), Loose Future is Andrews' 8th album. She got her start in the music industry in the emo scene, touring with Jimmy Eat World before eventually moving in to Americana music. Her last album, Old Flowers earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Americana album in 2020. Only two years later, this is a very different release. Old Flowers had heartbreak, sadness and melancholy surrounding it. Loose Future focuses more on being hopeful in spite of uncertainty, and like many people post-shutdown, a reawakening of possibility.

Take a listen to Loose Future all week on KAXE/KBXE.

'Life is better without plans.' - Courtney Marie Andrews in 'Older Now'

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