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Album of the Week: Forever On My Mind by Son House (4/15-4/21)

Son House

Recorded in 1964, Forever On My Mind has never been released until now. Son House was an American delta blues singer and guitarist who started out in the 1930s. He didn't see much success and ended up leaving the industry by 1943. In his short time of being active, he became a noted influence on other musicians, including Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, and was recorded by the Library of Congress.

He stayed away from music until the mid-60s when some young record collectors tracked him down after discovering his records. With their encouragement, he dipped his toes back into the music scene, ending up on the thriving folk music circuit.

Forever On My Mind is the first solo performance recorded after his rediscovery in the 60s. Produced by musician and fervent blues-fan, Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), the album keeps it's authenticity and stripped back nature of the recordings, almost like you can feel what it was like to be in the same room.

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