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Jan 21 - Jan 27 Age of Apathy by Aoife O'Donovan

Aoife O'Donovan - Age of Apathy, out today

Aoife O'Donovan is a Grammy winning singer-songwriter who has made a name for herself has an ultimate collaborator. A member of the folk supergroup, I'm With Her with Sara Watkins and Sarah Jarosz, frequent guest on Live From Here, often playing in the Goat Rodeo Sessions with the likes of Yo-Yo Ma & Chris Thile, O'Donovan got her start in the string band, Crooked Still. All of those accolades aside, her solo work puts her on another plane in folk music.

Out with her third album, the aptly titled, Age of Apathy, Aoife (pronounced 'Ee-Fah') addresses this age of apathetic feelings. Cynical, right? Somehow she does it in a way that helps us see the light in the world. Aoife intentionally wraps this album up with 'Passenger', a song that offers a release to the apathy. An important reminder that there is much beauty to behold in this world.

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