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Dec 3 - Dec 9th Highs and Minuses by Charlotte Cornfield

Charlotte Cornfield, Highs in the Minuses available now

From Canada, Charlotte Cornfield is a highly regarded multi-instrumentalist who splits her time between Montreal and Toronto, and is out with her fourth album, Highs in the Minuses.

For her last album in 2019, Cornfield took her time with the process, doing everything herself, playing all of the instruments. In 2020 she spent most of her time alone with her music. When it came time to record Highs in the Minuses, she needed to just get the music out. Now. Recruiting some friends to play on the album with her, they finished the recordings in five days with minimal takes and overdubs.

A storytelling songwriter, Charlotte Cornfield has an ability to make the listener feel like they're a trusted confidant; releasing emotions about anxiety, helplessness, toxic relationships and love.

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