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Jan 7 - Jan 13 Album of the Week: Um Gosto de Sol by Ceu

Ceu - Um Gosto de Sol, out now

A music fan to the core, Brazilian musician, Ceu always had visions of recording an album of covers. When she first got into music her intention was to a singer of other people's songs, not become a composer of music.

The pandemic created an opportunity for this covers project – seeking shelter with comfort and safe things, music she loved was a place of solace for Ceu. Also feeling like there was so much hopelessness surrounding the pandemic, she wanted to uplift using our shared history of music.

In spite of it being a collection of songs ranging from samba classics to jazz, Beastie Boys, Fiona Apple and Jimi Hendrix, Ceu has created an album that is uniquely hers.

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