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"I have a lot of friends and family members who are two spirit and it really hurts me when they have issues about being bullied and so I'm here to support my two spirit relatives in being who they are." - Delina White

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“… Having people that represent you on screen is a luxury that most native people never really get…It’s typically in the 1700s and 1800s in a nondescript tribe where a lot of the time we’re background characters, not the important focus of the story… Film has a great opportunity to create a lot of empathy…  If you’re a non-native person coming to this film, you get into that reality of the historical context of why native people have been disenfranchised and what’s going on in those communities and how certain people’s trauma has manifested in certain ways…It’s very exciting to give people

Even though there’s not a lot of data out in the main stream, I can’t think of any native family that I know that isn’t touched by this, and knows about it intimately. - Simone Senogles

A  powerful traveling exhibit has made its way to the Bemidji State University campus.  The interactive experience, Native Voices,  will be hosted by select libraries across the country, one of those being the A.C.

This Saturday, January 5th, kicks-off the Northern Indigenous Winter Games Tour.  Throughout January and February everyone is invited to take part in historically indigenous games including  lacrosse on ice, crow arrows, and double ball on snow among many others.  Focusing on the social and cultural significance of the games, the Northern Indigenous Winter Games creates opportunities for cultural sharing and education as well as a whole lot of fun.  In addition to the games, each afternoon  is accompanied by a morning of workshops for educators where teachers and those working in schools h