Monday morning show

This week, I expose one of my guilty pleasures. Are you brave enough to admit you share my predilection? Give a listen - Join the cause.

Today at noon at the Brainerd Public Library MN author and forensic psychologist Frank Weber will talk about his latest book, The I-94 Murders. 

A tryst of bondage. A lover's murder.

This week on wordish, Minneapolis poet Barry Brent gives a Gaugin painting a thorough look over

Our old friend Sasquatch is back with a New Year's message for us "people".  I believe the quotation marks are supposed to be made in the air, but I'm not sure how Sasquatch does that with those mitts of his...

If you missed wordish the last couple of weeks, here's your opportunity to catch up! Poets D.E. Green and Kevin Zepper give very different accounts regarding the intersection of vehicle and nature. Listen here, and then submit your own writing to

This week, Little Falls writer Jonathan Wichmann reads a poem about meditation and the effects of silence

In her essay, "Make it Mine", Serenity Schoonover calls upon inner resources to combat the onslaught of winter.

If you live in Northern Minnesota, you've been to the kind of event described in this essay and Ely writer Scott Stowell hits all the familiar notes.

While on a vacation recently, I went to a site that promised cave drawings, even had representations on display of what I might see. I couldn't make them out. In her poem, At Royal Natal National Park, Marcia Ratliff might have an explanation, or at least, a very good metaphor.

When someone says they have created something new out of their past experiences, it can seem a little...fluffy. In his poem, Brick Tender, Larry Gavin brings that equation back to earth.