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100 Rural Women: Breakfast Club Series

Aug 2, 2020

100 Rural Women is an organization in Minnesota with the mission to serve and support rural women, based on models of networking, leadership, mentorship and civic engagement.  Their goal is to empower women in community and cultivate leadership skills.

Michael Small: Cass County Chaplain

Jun 15, 2020

Michael Small is a volunteer at KAXE/KBXE, a minister and a chaplain.  He joins Heidi and John on the extra hour of the Monday Morning Show.  Michael talks about being a volunteer chaplain for Cass County, where law enforcement and Chaplains work together to provide comfort in time of personal crisis.  He tells us about some of the crisis that confront him, and what his role is in these situations. 

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During our extra hour of the Monday Morning Show we talked about local law enforcement with GR Police Chief Scott Johnson.  We asked about the department's policy on choke holds, de-escalation, the future of police officers and more.  Have a question for him?  Send it our way!  Or send us your ideas on policing now and the future.

Michael Small: A Time for Reimagination

May 19, 2020

Michael Small is the minister at the Community Church of Walker, he joins Heidi Holtan on the extended hour of the Monday Morning Show.  They talk about the changes we all face with the move from stay at home to stay safe Minnesota. This change creates a temptation to get together and for organiztions to reopen.  Michael suggest not a reopening but a reimagining of how we can gather together.

Quinn Nystrom is a DFLer from Baxter is who is running for the 8th congressional reprentative seat that is currently held by Representative Pete Stauber.  She is an advocate for accessible health care and affordable prescription drug prices.  Quinn was recently married when the pandemic first began, rather than waiting for her planned date of New Year's Eve.  She recently wrote an op-ed for the StarTribune titled "My run for Congress and rushed wedding are connected".

2020 is an extraordinary year, especially for local high school seniors.  They are experiencing something no one has gone through before:  celebrating and honoring their education in a world of social distancing.  Do you know a graduating senior?  We'd love to talk with them!  Email us. 

Michael Small Lifts Up The "Common"

Apr 27, 2020

Michael Small is a minister at Community Church of Walker-United Church of Christ, he joins Heidi Holtan as a guest on the Monday Morning Show.  During the pandemic of COVID-19 Michael has been writing a daily "Small Talk" email newsletter.  Recently, he looked at the common...

Small Talk – April 25 2020

Day 28 of Shelter-in-Place

By Michael Small


Michael Small is a minister at the Community Church UCC in Walker. He is often the co-host of the Monday Morning Show with Heidi Holtan.  Today he joins Heidi via telephone and they talk about finding intention in this stay at home time during the pandemic.

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Steve Downing shares his essay on introverts and how they fare during this time of pandemic, social distancing and virtual communicating.

On a recent Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo show, Natasha and Nana Boozhoo take some calls from Bob Dylan and Cookie Monster, and possibly a former president to learn nagamowin; bakwezhigaans; and gichi-mookomaan.

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