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Recorded mostly before the pandemic, Minneapolis songwriter Sarah Streitz released a new album, Cut Flowers, on October 9th. Hear her thoughts on the album and more from her interview on CenterStage Minnesota recently. Find her album on social media and streaming services, and hear more Minnesota music Fridays at 2 and 10 on KAXE/KBXE.

Here's a link to Sarah's music.


Tim Cheesbrow

Ted Hajnasiewicz talked about his recent project on CenterStage Minnesota.

Amy Rice

Minnesota musician, Lynndelle, known for her rock fiddling, singing  and songwriting just released her debut album Gathering Flowers in April. The music comes in part from her struggle with breast cancer, and the album dropped just as the pandemic was ramping up in Minnesota. Then, the protests happened around her in the Twin Cities. The music of Gathering Flowers provides an uplifting experience in the midst of life's many challenges. Find out more about Lynndelle at her web site and on social media.

from taylorjamesdonskey.com/press

As a sideman, Taylor James Donskey has a solid reputation in the Twin Cities, playing with bands like The Lowland Lakers, Lena Elizabeth and more. Now he has his own album, Paper Over It, his exploration of life with a strong sense of identity, powerful lyrics, and a full sound made possible by calling in friends from the bands he's played in for years. Find out more on his website or on Facebook. Hear my conversation with Taylor below.

Ellis Delaney creates uplifting and powerful music in her 10th studio album "Ordinary Love" due to be released Friday, June 5th. It's the first album using her full name as she continues to provide a positive, hopeful outlook on life through her music. During the Extra Hour of the Morning Show a day after the protests in Minneap0lis passed near her neighborhood, Ellis talked about privilige, parenting, and her new album. 

Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

Jonathan Edwards, who performs as Wayward, stopped by CenterStage Minnesota to talk about a new song written in the throes of the corona virus pandemic. "This song was literally written in my pajamas!" he said, which isn't a surprise since many of us are in our jammies most days. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

Brigid's Pub FB

Since Covid has eliminated opportunities for entertainment, Mary Overlie found herself missing live music,  local musicians and open mic nights.  She's created a virtual experience called Songcatchers to satisfy her cravings...

I really liked singing more than guitar but it was a great way to accompany myself.  It allowed me to sing... so that was really drew me to the guitar. 

"...as a vocal professor you teach voice...which is a little bit different than what sometimes people think in the sense that we approach the voice as an instrument. So we are looking for how it functions and how to make that function as efficient and natural as possible. And that can take a long long long time because it takes a tremendous amount of self-awareness and exploration...when people sing in a way that is efficient and natural, they can do it for their whole lives.

Four years ago, Lakeland Public Television(LPTV) revived a beloved music program that aired decades ago.  Backroads showcases northern Minnesota musicians and has become somewhat of an Austin City Limits of the northland.  Each September, LPTV schedules a week's worth of concerts complete with live audiences.  Beginning in November, those concerts and backstage interviews with the artists begin airing on LPTV as th