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HALEY's upcoming vocal-forward release her first since 2018

Musical artist HALEY in black clothes and a white and black striped winter hat poses leaning against a wall.
Minnesota musician HALEY.

HALEY joined Malachy Koons on Centerstage Minnesota to talk about her upcoming album, Hunca Munca, and the Saturday, March 25, show at The Ripple Center in Aitkin.

"I know myself and my writing process pretty well at this point after 20 years doing this, and I won't settle for something that I don't think is reaching its potential."

That is Twin Cities musician HALEY talking about her upcoming album, Hunca Munca, when she joined host Malachy Koons Friday, March 24, on Centerstage Minnesota. When the album is released, it will be her first since 2018. Its title is inspired by a character in a Beatrix Potter story.

HALEY's love for Potter is just one of the topics she touched on in the conversation. You will also learn about her burgeoning painting career and her show in Aitkin on Saturday, March 25.

HALEY wrote songs for the album over the pandemic, and after scrapping plans to record it at home, she went into the studio with Steve Garrington, the former Low bass player.

The new album's very vocal, she said, with the vocals mixed way out in front.

"The lyrics are, I think, the strongest that I've ever written ... and I wanted to make sure the vocals had a lot of clarity," she said.

For more information on the album and what inspired HALEY during its creation, listen above to the full interview.

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