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Sam Miltich on Centerstage Minnesota

A bearded man smiling in the woods with snow on the ground
Sam Miltich

Sam Miltich, the jazz guitarist from Grand Rapids, joined Malachy Koons on Centerstage Minnesota.

On Friday, February 17th, Sam Miltich joined Centerstage Minnesota to talk about an upcoming show, and to give an update on what he's been up to lately. Along with The Clearwater Hot Club, and violinist Geoffrey Taylor, Sam will be performing at the Chief Theater in Bemidji on Saturday, February 18th. Since we last spoke, he was forced to relearn performing after losing his hearing in one ear. He also moved out of Grand Rapids to the country, where it has been easier to pursue his passion for the outdoors. Listen for more information on the show, and on the ups and downs that Sam Miltich has navigated.

Malachy started his radio career at a college radio station, where he played weird music in the middle of the night to possibly no one. On a good night maybe his parents were listening. Nonetheless, he was hooked on public radio and is still doing it today. He joined Northern Community Radio in 2022, where he gets to share his passion for local music as Producer of Centerstage Minnesota, an all Minnesota music show airing Fridays at 2pm.