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Peter Mayer on Centerstage Minnesota: To perform at Storyhill Fest

Storyhill Fest, Aug. 20-21 at Clearwater Forest Camp, Deerwood, MN

Peter Mayer is a Twin Cities singer/songwriter known for complex guitar playing and inspiring lyrics. His most recent album, Catching Rain is available on CD or download at petermayer.net. Peter will be performing as part of the resurrected Storyhill Fest at Clearwater Forest Camp in Deerwood, Minnesota August 20-21. Tickets available at storyhillfest.com. Peter stopped by CenterStage Minnesota to talk about the festival, his music, and surviving the pandemic.

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Brett’s first and last radio jobs just happen to be in the same town where it all started four days after high school graduation (with a lot, a lot of other jobs in between). From playing country hits in 1979 to hosting CenterStage Minnesota now, Brett continues to enjoy making a personal connection with a listener in ways only small-town radio can do. As volunteer coordinator, Brett gets to offer that same privilege of hosting a radio show to amazing people from northern Minnesota and beyond. When not at work, Brett and his wife, Wendy spend time traveling to visit kids and grandkids, finding space for yoga and reading, and always enjoying another cup of coffee--with some cats in their laps.