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Spells of Revelation: Music, Poetry, Wisdom

Aaron Tank discusses his new album

Spells of Revelation, I got that from a TV show… called Merlin… it's a fantasy show. There was one episode where [Merlin] and his mentor Gaius conducted a spell of revelation to reveal the true nature of somebody who is shapeshifting or something like that. And that just stuck with me…it became kind of the main inspiration of the album in a way, even though it's not a concept album…a few of the songs might just have to do with transparency and seeking deeper connection in life in different ways. - Aaron Tank

Aaron Tank's new album Spells of Revelation is a vibe of melodic inspiration and wisdom gleaned from decades of seeking, introspection, inspiration, growth, and meaningful connections – with himself, others, and the greater unknown. The first track, 'Offer Up A Dove', invites a listener into a mesmerizing, folky, mystical, musical experience threaded wisdom, wonder, and poetic contemplations on being.

..that one's just a short little 40 second song…in some ways I feel like it's the most important song on the album… it's about karma… Offer Up a Dove… ‘Offer up a dove’ and then the last line is ‘how we treat the dove is how we will be fed.’ And so things come around full circle. I guess… I think it's a very important song or important message that many of us oftentimes forget about as we go about our lives. -Aaron Tank

In this Area Voices, Aaron discusses his influences behind several songs, his journey, and more.

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The public is invited to Headwaters School of Music and Arts in Bemidji Saturday, December 3rd from 7:30 – 9pm for the album release party of Spells of Revelation! Aaron will be performing with special guests from the album.

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