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Thomas Paquette: Giving back to inspire the future

Thomas Paquette

Thomas Paquette donates paintings to Bemidji State University

…being able to make the perfect painting…Well, it doesn't exist, but we're all after that…there's going to be no perfect painting ever done by anybody, let alone myself., but I'm always drawn to be able to just do one more thing that's one step better than anything I've done before or that I've not expressed before. I just want to do that. It's about the painting, but it's also to express what was out there in nature that I saw that somehow I can give a reflection of through my painting. It won't be a photograph of the scene, but it'll be something that will communicate the same sort of excitement that I got being out in nature as well as while I was painting this painting. -Thomas Paquette

BSU alumni Thomas Paquette will dedicate a series of paintings to the university this morning. He's a landscape painter whose work hangs in embassies and collections across the globe. Here about his artistic journey in this Area Voices!

I got so much out of going to Bemdiji ... I'm hoping almost more that they take the example of somebody who went to the school and was able to be an artist. - Thomas Paquette

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