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Worth Repeating: A retrospective exhibit

Mitch Blessing Out with the Old

BSU Professor Mitch Blessing's sculptures, prints, and messages inspire contemplation

“Let go of the illusion of control” and “Enter flow state” were both mantras for me for the show. - Mitch Blessing

Mitch Blessing’s current exhibit at the Talley Gallery on the Bemidji State University campus was 13 years in the making. A combination of new creations and previous work worth repeating, the show gently nudges viewers to slow down, look more closely, and contemplate more deeply.

Click the arrow above for a walk thru the exhibit with Mitch!
Learn about his interest in manhole covers, the casket he built for himself that is covered in etched messaging, his creative process, and much much more!

If you're given a space to have a show in, you have complete control in imagining how people experience that space, slowing them down, pinching them into places, making the go around corners, adjusting the lights… So even the whole room is kind of sculpture...Some stuff bounces around your head...like "When you have privilege, the idea of equality can feel like oppression"...I've been collecting quotes, things I like and also things I don't like - things you hear when you listen to NPR, like "Whiteness desires comfort" and then saving them...I thought if I shared them, some people might pick them up and carry them with them.

Worth Repeating will be up until October 7th. The public is invited to a closing reception Thursday, October 7th from 4-5pm.

Mitch Blessing Manhole Cover
Mitch Blessing Slightbox

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