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Conservation Conversations: Low Impact Shoreline Living

Katie Carter

Conservation easements help landowners protect ecosystems.

…through our website, you can set up a site visit with a technician…have someone come out to your property, look at your shoreline, look at your land and kind of give you some options to have the least amount of impact on the surrounding ecosystem… you can still have a lake home… and not have a major detrimental impact to your your surrounding environment… we're here is to help people get financial and technical advice from us to be good land stewards. – Andrew Seagren – Forest Easement Technician

This month on our CONSERVATION CONVERSATION we talked again with the folks from Northern Waters Land Trust. They are a non-profit conservation organization working to protect water quality and preserve environmentally sensitive lands and water resources. They serve the watersheds in Cass, Crow Wing, Hubbard and Aitkin Counties of Minnesota. Our Tuesday Morning guests from NWLT were Annie Knight, Grants Manager/Conservation Specialist, John Sumption, Conservation Specialist and Andrew Seagrem, Crow Wing County Soil Water Conservation District Forest Easement Technician.

…the conservation easement itself, that's an agreement between the land owner, and then in this case, the DNR. With the the land trust…that land owner is not going to further develop their land. They also write up a land management plan for their properties so that they are continuing to manage that property in good and sustainable way, and then every year someone comes in and checks up on the status of that land. That conservation easement is actually written into the deed and the title of that property, so no matter who owns that property in the future, the land is going to continue to be protected forever… protected in perpetuity. – Annie Knight, Northern Waters Land Trust

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