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Recharging the Spirit, Treaties, Historic Wounds, Natural Medicine

Bob Shimek on the centering experience of being with nature, and the complicated aspects of treaties and natural resources

It cuts so many ways... bottom line is treaties are the last single largest environmental protection available to all of us. And we're all treaty partners. So the more of us that get on board with standing up for these treaties, the better off we will all be in the long term. – Bob Shimek

Water Protectors gathered on the steps of the Capitol Building in St. Paul this morning to being 4 days of prayer and ceremony in honor of Nibi. Bob Shimek joined the morning show today. He discussed the complications around treaties as well as the spiritual experience of foraging and sharing a fresh picked meal with friends and family.

There’s an old cliché, “death by a thousand cuts.” ... when I talk about the cuts, I want to put that in the context of what's happened with Indigenous people all the way from the Indian wars through… land cession treaties, through the reservations, through the relocations, and the boarding schools. And you can go on and on and on the imposed cultural, economic, social and political impoverishment… What we do to the earth we do to ourselves. We have an opportunity here to maybe start healing. And I like to think of it in terms of healing with a thousand medicines…food is medicine, our water is medicine, our land is medicine. Everything around us is medicine for health, safety, security for all people… Biden and Walz… Could they begin the healing of all these cuts? It doesn’t seem like they are prepared to do this… It’s a complex thing. Bob Shimek

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