The New Chancellor of the MN State System of Colleges and Universities Devinder Malhotra

May 11, 2018

This week Itasca Community College provost Bart Johnson introduced us to the new MN State System of Colleges and Universities Chancellor Devinder Malhotra.  He talked about the need for a "major rethink". 

“All these changes will require for us to rethink our programmatic structures, our curricular designs, our modes of delivery. It will require us to share always and embrace change with all of its challenges and risks,” he said. “We need to be bold and courageous. And we need to rethink our organizational structures, our approach to supporting students, and the way we allocate our resources. Add to this the new budget realities, the increasing disinvestment in higher education, and our need to reaffirm our value proposition in a very clear, distinct and persuasive manner.”  Devinder Malhotra in MinnPost "Minnesota State has a new chancellor: its interim chancellor" By Erin Hinrichs | 03/02/18