Let's Visit Bagley: Teacher and Drama Coach Marilyn Hood Discusses Bagley Life

Mar 25, 2019

“There is a beauty to a small town.  Sometimes there’s a frustration as well…Sometimes you have to make your own fun when you live in a small town, including arts and theater, which is what I love to do.” – Marilyn Hood

Marilyn Hood grew up in Bagley, MN.  She went to college, got married and lived in Alexandria, MN for a few years before returning to her hometown.  She and her husband both took jobs in the Bagley School District and have been in town ever since.  Active in community theater and the high school drama coach, Marilyn knows how to create her own entertainment.  In this segment of Let's Visit, she discusses some of the ways she has fun in Bagley, what she appreciates about living in the Bagley area and what she loves about working as a drama coach at the high school. 

"In small towns we have people who take care of each other, people who know each other, and really root for your success in whatever you are doing." - Marilyn Hood