The Class of 2020 - A Mom's Perspective as A School Board Member: Molly Miskovich

May 26, 2020

Molly posted the following on Facebook:  So I sit in a spot where I am the person who is directly affected by these decisions, these school district guidelines. A mom of a senior – and not just a senior, my first born. No graduation ceremony? Are you kidding? NO, not my kid – he deserves what everyone else deserves. This is a huge rite of passage. 13 years of school, 13 years of activities, 13 years of hard work, dedication and growth. The only 13 years a child has to be a child – they’ve done it. They are there. This celebration/rite of passage cannot be taken away.

I’d also like to say “on the flip side” but it’s not a flip side – it’s just a different side. I am also sitting in a spot as a board member – an elected official by our community to do what’s best for our children and community. Right? So, we as a school district have guidelines we have to follow. We have the utmost responsibility to our children of this district and the children of our community. What is best for our kids right now? It may seem favorable to let them convene and celebrate like the past graduates have. It may seem like this rite of passage has been taken away. How dare the district do something like this. It’s not the district. It’s not the governor. I don’t believe in blame. This is life and this is where we are at this moment in time. Who knew, right? Who would’ve ever thought. The term unprecedented has been used too much. WE are here and now, with different guidelines and processes to live by. As a district we need to keep our children safe. We are here for the health & safety of each and everyone of our students. The best practices we can perform are those that are guided by our governor, whether you agree or disagree. We are doing the best with the information and guidance we have been given. Believe me, the district’s heart is hurting just as much as you parents out there.
So here I am – a parent of a senior and a board member. I’ve processed this and was really looking to being able to have my most coveted highlight as a school board member – hugging my son on stage and handing him his diploma. In fact, he and his friends were going to practice some cool handshake routine we could do on stage. I’ve been an intimate part of these seniors’ lives. Seeing their goofy, creative, stupid intelligent and athletic sides – memories I will never forget. But guess what -I’ll have these memories forever and I will celebrate them in a different way this year – regardless, memorable.
This rite of passage is not taken away from these seniors. It’s there. It’s there in a more creative and more memorable way than history can ever know. In fact, these seniors are getting more publicity than any other class. Cheers to them! Cheers to the class of 2020. They came into this world during 911 and they are claiming their adulthood during COVID19 – these kids are resilient!
It should be the district that honors and celebrates these kids – they’ve raised them just as much, or more, than us. Know that the district is comprised of people, people that are in this business because they care for our children – often times more than parents. I know these teachers, these administators, bus drivers, food service workers, ESPs TRULY care. It truly takes a village to raise a child. Now more than ever, do we feel this. Parents, grandparents, friends, workers – realize this now more than ever.
So, I am two sides. Two sides that can come together and make this rite of passage more memorable than any other graduating seniors moment. We’ve already done it!
Please spread kindness. No one is to blame. No one wants this. The class of 2020 has risen above the virus and have declared themselves to be survivors. Our 2020 seniors are so honored and so special. You seniors are guaranteed a part of a better and brighter future with or without a traditional ceremony. We love you, seniors.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!