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Northern Voices: Leah Lemm Explores Bogs with Naturalist Courtney Kerns

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Host and Fellow Northland Explorer, Leah Lemm, is joined by Courtney Kerns in a (not-so-spooky) bog on this episode of Northern Voices.

If you missed the on-air broadcast of Northern Voices, or if you want to relive the experience of walking through a mostly-frozen bog here in northern Minnesota, click the player above to hear Leah Lemm chat with bog-enthusiast, Courtney Kerns. Here's Leah's introduction for Episode #36 of Northern Voices.

Today I’m staying in town, pretty close to home. Less than two miles from my house, I’m meeting an expert to talk about… bogs! See, I know bogs exist around town and around Northern MN, they always seemed kind of spooky and uninviting. But I’m ready for my mind to change! Courtney Kerns is an ecologist! She’s been an educator, she’s worked for the DNR…. Now she contracts - helping homeowners learn more about the land they live on. So I met Courtney at a bog behind the community college here in Grand Rapids. Snow is still covering a lot of ground, but plenty is peaking through. So you’ll hear us crunching over the snow and ice.

Lemm's Northern Voices: Celebrating Ties to Minnesota's Northland shares sustainable, traditional, indigenous, and ancestral practices of Northern Minnesotans. Through these conversations, Northern Voices celebrates the richness of individual, organizational, and communal ways of life within the region.

To learn more about the creator of this series, Leah Lemm, click here to view her website.

For more episodes of Northern Voices, access the full archive here on the KAXE/KBXE website.

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Leah is a radio & podcast host/producer, singer/songwriter, and a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. Her work revolves around sound/music/voice and community story-sharing, with the mission to Amplify Native Voices. She currently lives in Grand Rapids, MN with her husband, young son, and country dog.
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