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Head Start is bringing kids and staff together again

Michele Andringa is the director of Head Start in Cass and Beltrami counties with programs from Kelliher to Pillager and from Bemidji to Walker and more. When the governor closed schools in March, Head Start faced the challenge of eight days of planning to change their classroom and home visit programs from in-person to distance-learning. Now, starting Monday, July 13th, Head Start is putting kids and staff face-to-face again as they continue to offer children and families a head start on kindergarten and life. Hear the whole conversation with Michele by clicking below.

Head Start is a school readiness program which helps families provide the best possible opportunities for their children in preparation for Kindergarten. Programs work with families to make connections in the communities they live, support needs and set goals. Head Start is a program of BI-CAP, a 501c3 nonprofit Community Action Program committed to working collaboratively to address community needs and challenges by building upon local community asset. Find out more at bicap.org.