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Dig Deep - History of Impeachment with Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn

Dig Deep is a conversation between our liberal commentator Aaron Brown and conservative Chuck Marohn.  They come at topics from different angles, but model for us how to talk to people with different beliefs.  In this  episode, we hear about the origins of the impeachment clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article 1.

If you'd like to meet Chuck and Aaron and participate in a community conversation you are invited to join us for Dig Deep at the Reif Center on Tuesday December 10th at 7pm.  We'll talk about Chuck's new book "Strong Towns - A Bottom Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity". 

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In a recent survey our listeners said:

  • This show is an example of what public radio does best--a civil conversation about potentially difficult topics in order to provide the audience with a clear idea of what is at stake to make informed decisions.  
  • One of the best dialogs anywhere contributing and encouraging open, civil and intelligent conversation about current issues specific to MN.
  • Thoughtful conversations about politics is what is needed in this divisive universe.  
  • Glad to hear from these guys - they make me think - but would love them to include others in the conversation more.
  • I'm so proud of my station that has civil political conversations on the air. BRAVO.